Dorohoi, situated in the north-east corner of Romania is a town of approximately 40,000 of which well over 75% are unemployed and is principally composed of crumbling tenement blocks built during communist times. There is no regular water, gas or electric supply as the infra-structure of the area has broken down over the years. Many families have little or no income at all.Set up by Peter & Lesley Butcher, following a vision for a Centre that would provide food, warmth and comfort for a few hours to people living in cramped, dismal and depressing surroundings, somewhere those in need of temporary accommodation could be helped.

The Centre of Hope provides:

  • 250 -300 three course meals a week
  • 60 – 70 showers per week to people who have no other access to water
  • A well used playground funded and built by young people in the UK
  • Youth group of 30-40 meet regularly at weekends
  • Emergency distress funds
  • Basic food and hygiene supplies for the very needy
  • Spiritual support and growth

Although run by Peter and Lesley, the Centre of Hope employs an ever growing team of local Romanians.

For further information speak to or contact Graham or Sylvia Briscoe.