A series of studies based on Ecclesiastes

Of all the Old Testament books, this one speaks prophetically and powerfully to our generation: it asks us to use our eyes as well as our ears when we understand God; to look around at the contradictions of our life on this planet; to dig deeper into our time on Earth; to ask questions about life and death.

The author is relentless in his quest: he digs to the depths of our choices, he takes us to a point of near despair, and right in his final breath comes to a profound conclusion.

Be prepared to think as we explore this relevant book.

Study titles:

    1. Everything Is Meaningless – 1v1-11
    2. The Search for Satisfaction – 1v12-2v26
    3. Tyranny of Time – 3v1-15
    4. Harshness of Life – 3v16-4v3
    5. The rat-race – 4v4-8
    6. Bitterness of disappointment 5v13-6v12
    7. Frustration 8v1-17
    8. Jeopardy 9v1-18
    9. Be Sensible 10v1-20
    10. Towards Home and a conclusion 11-12v14

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