Church Survey 

Dear Church Community

As lockdown eases, and church buildings begin to re-open, we know services and activities will need to be different for some considerable time, with various social distancing and other restrictions in place. We would like to understand and learn from your experiences during lockdown and ask for your help as we look ahead to the re-opening of the GSFC premises.

The survey comprises four sections and the estimated time for completion is between 10 and 15 minutes.

The survey begins with an introduction which highlights the areas covered within.

We advise that you download the PDF version of the survey and use it for reference onlyas you will be able to see questions coming up as well as be able to refer back to questions you’ve already answered. The survey will not allow you to retrace your tracks (various technical reasons for that) and you will only be allowed one attempt at answering the questions … otherwise you would be able to submit multiple completed surveys! Do NOT complete the paper copy and send it to church … only those without internet access will be allowed to complete the paper copy.

We are aware that numerous households may only have one email address. We really need all members of the congregation to be able to complete the survey separately. The only way you will be able to do this is by accessing the link (given below) on a different device.

Once the survey is completed, it will be automatically uploaded to surveyplanet. No-one will be able to track back to your email address or personal details therefore be assured that your participation will be completely anonymous.

All answers will be valued by the Leadership Team and will help to discern how we support you as restrictions continue as well as how we will eventually exit lockdown.

The link to the survey:      (copy and paste into your internet browser)

If you have any problems please contact the church

Deadline for Survey is Sunday 2nd August 

Martin Cockerill, 28/07/2020