Roots & Shoots Bible study 

Roots & Shoots is about:

  • Growing in our understanding of what the Bible teaches
  • Watching a weekly Bible study at a time which suits you: you can access our videos on YouTube at any time, pause it or watch it again as many times as you like
  • Looking further into the passage and leaving your own thoughts, comments and questions for others to read

We will be sharing a new video each week. Leave your comments and questions and read through what others have shared. You'll even be able to 'subscribe' (without charge) so you get an immediate alert whenever a new video is posted. 

02.03.21 Stephen's Courage

23.02.21 Stephen's Conviction

16.02.21 Stephen (1), Acts 6

09.02.21 Prayer, episode 3

02.02.21 Prayer, episode 2

26.01.21 Prayer, episode 1

19.01.21 2 Peter 3, So What?

12.01.21 2 Peter 2, False Prophets 

05.01.21 2 Peter 1, The certainty of God's word

29.12.20 Psalm 119, Getting more out of the Bible in 2021

22.12.20 Psalm 72

15.12.20 Psalm 22

08.12.20 Psalm 2

01.12.20 Psalm 1