Church Prayer Wall 2021 

For many of us prayer can be confusing and perplexing. It requires us to believe in a God who is beyond our sight and beyond our full understanding. Nevertheless, prayer is central to the Christian faith and reveals something of the mystery of God in our world. It is not a magic spell, what we pray will not automatically come true. Prayer though is our chance to try to understand what God is saying to us in our current situation. God can speak into our deepest fears and our biggest dreams.

We would love to encourage you to pray, and in so doing help us all see something of Gods love in this world. Please take a moment to add to our virtual prayer wall and join us in encouraging each other in our journey of faith.

Fill in the form below with any prayer requests. Please keep requests brief, as we are unable to publish large amounts of text on each tile. If specific people are mentioned in prayer requests we will only publish their first name. We will then share your request on our virtual prayer wall!

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