The current series of studies being used in the home groups is based upon Nehemiah. Rev. Tony Mason has kindly compiled study notes for this series which can be used in the home groups.

The study notes are available from the GSFC Church Office.

How to use the notes

The notes have been designed as an aid to understanding and reflecting upon the book of Nehemiah. It is important, therefore, to read carefully the biblical text. The aim is not to appreciate the notes but to allow God the Holy Spirit to speak to us through the book of Nehemiah.

Sometimes a key phrase or short passage from the biblical text is printed in full in the notes. At other times a verse number is referred to, or some other passage. It is important to look up these verses.

It will be most helpful to the individual, to the group and, not least, to the group leader if everyone comes prepared by having carefully read the passage and the notes beforehand. So aim to set aside some time for this regularly. The notes have been kept as simple as possible for this purpose. However, if necessary, you can use the notes on your own in order to catch up on any session you may have to miss.

The material was originally a series of sermons. Traces of the sermon style may still remain, but an attempt has been made to revise the presentation thoroughly for this present format.

Setting the scene

From a wall in ruins

From a people distressed & discouraged

Rose a man called by God

Who dared to trust

Who dared to fight

Who dared to build.

Responding to a burden

Praying to the Lord

Preparing for the task

Defending the vision

Serving God’s people

Focussed on God’s call

Completed the mission

Led revival

The walls must go up