Current Series: Transforming Relationships

  1. …. to God – Proper Worship (Romans 12v1-2)
  2. …. to ourselves – thinking soberly about our gifts (Romans 12v3-8)
  3. …. to one another – love in the family of God (Romans 12v9-16)
  4. …. to our enemies – not retaliation, but service (Romans 12v17-21)
  5. …. to the state: conscientious citizenship (Romans 13v1-7)
  6. …. to the law: neighbour-love as its fulfilment (Romans 13v8-10)
  7. …. to the day: living in the ‘already’ and the ‘not yet; (Romans 13v11-14)
  8. …. to the weak: welcoming, and not despising, judging or offending them (Romans 14v1-15v13)

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