Lou EverardLou encountered Jesus in her life in 1986 when she started attending Great Shelford Free Church as a young stressed-out mother. She has been a member since 1987.

She has been married to Dan for 42 years and they have 2 adult daughters who, like Lou, were baptised at the Free Church.  Family life has been dominated for 35 years by the experience of their elder daughter, who, like her younger brother, inherited a congenital neuromuscular condition causing severe physical disability. Dan and Lou’s son died as a small child in 1982 before they moved to Shelford. But throughout everything, God has provided and Lou’s faith has grown.

Lou and Dan have spent most of their working life supporting other people, especially young children and their families who need the specialised powered mobility that Dan designed originally for their daughter. Latterly this has been through their social enterprise, Dragonmobility Ltd.

Lou retired in 2016 from her role as a director of the company to allow their elder daughter to take over the business. However she continues as a trustee and treasurer of The Turbo Trust, a registered charity that helps disabled people raise the funds for the powerchairs they need.

Prior to having her family, Lou was a psychiatric social worker, and during the 1990s worked for the Children’s Hospice in Milton and the University of Cambridge in administrative roles. She comes from Birmingham.