A very successful ‘Pup-Up’ Community Café was held on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 25th/27th October during the schools’ half term. The Café opened on each of the three days from 10am to 2pm @ No: 29 High Street, Great Shelford, CB22 3EH

The Café served drinks, scones and cakes with all the proceeds being donated to Tearfund.

It all started with the idea of taking part in TEARFUND’S BIG BAKE with the idea of having a cake sale. That progressed to offering refreshments and then the idea of having a POP UP CAFE for 3 days over half term was suggested to he held in no.29 ( a building owned by the church which in the near future may become a proper cafe)

So posters and hand outs were made, a sign up list of help, equipment and other needs was left out for people to add their names and I then organised home made scones to serve in cafe and bought coffee etc The response with help was very good which made the whole event enjoyable and easier to set up

Information about TEARFUND was place on each table with further info available to hand out. The appeal on behalf  of Tearfund was to raise money for girls in central  Asian states where poverty is widespread who had had troubled upbringing or been in orphanages. Then when it was time to leave the orphanage, they were unable to find safe work, most falling victim to trafficking and other crime. With the help from Tearfund working with local partners, a new baking course was set up. This gave the girls skills, confidence and income,  free from exploitation. It also brings these girls into contact with Christians who share the good news of God’s love for them and see how this is shown in practical ways.

On Monday 23rd Oct the cafe was set up with balloons, bunting, wall hangings and bistro type tables adorned with flowers. At 10am on Tues 24th, Weds 25th and Thurs 26th it was opened. There was a menu on each table offering 4types of coffee, 3types of tea, cold drinks, and an option to have a scone with butter and jam. Donations were asked for these.The weather was kind so the cakes could be outside on a table. These were priced per cake/buns. There was a great buzz about the place and so over the three days the plentiful supply of cakes all got sold, people came in to have refreshments and more importantly  to chat to those serving. It enabled us to reach out into the community as part of the local church, to raise awareness of the Big Bake initiative, to serve our God and to be Jesus to those who came along.

We raised £346 along with invaluable community spirit.