‘Big Life Questions’

What about big life questions? I’m not talking about the little questions we have to ask and answer every day, things like what will I wear today?  Will I drive or cycle?  Will I go out or watch TV?   I’m talking about the big ‘what is life about?’ questions. Why does my heart beat?  Why do I think or feel a certain way? Why are we here on this planet, spinning around in this universe? Why? Why? Why?

The big questions are often so big we choose to ignore them, pretend that they are not there.  But like the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ they never really go away.  I’ve been around people long enough to see many people having to deal with big questions.  They normally crop up when someone has died, or in the hospital bed.  They hardly ever crop up when life is going well, and full of distractions.  But I strongly feel that we will all have to think about the tough questions of life at some point, that elephant just won’t wander off or disappear.

When Jesus walked this planet, he seemed to cut through all the junk of people’s lives, the money, the status, the sin and the hurt.  He often did this by feeling compassion and love for those that he met along life’s journey.  I wonder if we might take some time to stop and allow the tough questions to linger for a while; not be afraid to stay in the uncomfortable thoughts, to risk addressing them, so that we might see beyond our here and now and grasp some of the fullness of life.

Here at the free church we want to share the love and grace that Jesus shared with those on life’s journey. We often talk together, pray together, laugh together, eat together as a way of walking with each other through life’s ups and downs.  One way we are doing that this year is by doing the Alpha course on a Friday morning.  Alpha is a great way to find space to ask some of life’s big questions, so whether you want to join us or not, why don’t you see if you can find some time to ask the big questions of life.

Rev’d Martin Cockerill
(Minister, Great Shelford Free Church)