This is a Sign

You might have noticed a sign on the side of great Shelford Free Church saying ‘This is a sign’ and, if so, I wonder what you thought.

A few people have shared their thoughts with me on this, ranging from ….

‘Well of course it’s a sign, but what does it mean?’
‘Is it saying the whole church building is a sign, and if so what is it signalling?’
‘Is it a sign from God or a sign from/for the church?’
‘What a stupid sign, it doesn’t mean anything!’

When I came up with the idea of the sign, I wanted people to think on a number of levels …. to stop and slow down, and think about what it might mean.

Primarily, I wanted people to think it might be a sign for them, highlighting the reality that God does want to reach out to us and that His chosen way to do that is the local church.

The church is a sign, a sign of God’s love for this world and His love for all people. And the building itself is a sign, a sign that points to the real church, the people who gather in community every week.

Rather than a poster on the side of the church, maybe every Christian should wear a t-shirt which says ‘this is a sign’. Most Christians don’t really feel like they are a very good sign, and often we might feel ashamed that our lives don’t really point to God at all, but we are a sign, a sign that God works in our imperfect world with his imperfect creation, a sign that God does desire to call out to everyone, with the Christian message of peace, hope and love.

I pray that you might see a sign of that love in our community and in Christians everywhere.

 Rev’d Martin Cockerill, Pastor of Great Shelford Free Church