All Change

Easter CrossA wooden cross has stood for some months in the front courtyard of the church and it is almost covered in colourful ribbons.

The first ribbons were placed there by members of our congregation during the Easter period and the subsequent ones by people in our village community as they passed by.

It has been an encouraging task to refill the ribbon bag as they got used up, for each ribbon represented a prayer.

Some people pray every day, some occasionally, and some never, but it is a rare person who does not cry out to God in life and death situations. Yet prayer is more than just asking God for things; it is ….  READ MORE >>>>

Guardians of Ancora LOGO R

Guardians of Ancora will be the title and theme of our Holiday Club this year, which will run for 4 days from Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th August with a final service and lunch on Sunday 28th.

For further event details and/or to request a registration form, please email

Diana Parr
or telephone the GSFC Church Office: 01223-842181